Centre for the Study of Mankind and Society

Mind, communication, memory

Axis Society in Motion

This conceptual domain aims at reflecting contemporary societal challenges and their interrelation with the development of civilizations. It adopts a multi-perspective view, both synchronic and diachronic, of the connections between the individual and society. Our understanding of the world is studied not as a passive relationship between the human mind and a pre-established reality but, rather, as a dynamic process which actively co-creates and defines this reality.

The axis also provides contexts for investigating individual and collective memory, as well as the nature of knowledge, norms, identity, power, ideology, and institutionalization.

A prominent research priority laid out by this axis is the use of language as a means of presenting, producing, and reproducing social relationships; other research areas respond to urgent socio-cultural and communication issues of the contemporary world. Topics pursued within this axis thus possess a significant potential for both basic and applied research.